Visit to DMI’s Córdoba office.

Visit to DMI’s Córdoba office.

We are very excited to share with you the experience we had during our recent visit to DMI’s Córdoba office. As part of our ongoing effort to foster stronger relationships with our valued clients, this visit gave us the opportunity to connect on a more personal level and reflect on months of fruitful collaboration.

From the moment we entered their warm workspace, we were greeted with genuine hospitality. DMI’s offices are truly a recreation to behold: modern, sleek and thoughtfully designed to foster creativity and collaboration.

During the conversation, we also addressed areas for improvement, as we believe that open communication is essential for mutual growth and development.

In addition, we were pleased to commend DMI for its exceptional team of talented professionals. The dedication, expertise and passion of their team was evident in every project we collaborated on, and we took this opportunity to celebrate their valuable contributions.

Underscoring the importance of regular client visits and ongoing follow-up, we collectively recognized the impact of these efforts in fostering lasting partnerships. These visits not only allow us to better understand the evolving needs of our clients, but also pave the way for mutual growth and success.

As we bid farewell to the DMI team, we left with a reinforced sense of gratitude for the privilege of working with them. Their genuine warmth and commitment to excellence have left an indelible impression on us.

Yamila, Recruiting Manager at Techunting. June, 2023.



Estamos muy entusiasmados de compartirles la experiencia que vivimos durante nuestra reciente visita a la oficina de DMI en Córdoba. Como parte de nuestro esfuerzo continuo por fomentar relaciones más sólidas con nuestros valiosos clientes, esta visita nos brindó la oportunidad de conectar a un nivel más personal y reflexionar sobre los meses de fructífera colaboración.

Desde el momento en que entramos en su cálido espacio de trabajo, fuimos recibidos con auténtica hospitalidad. Las oficinas de DMI son realmente una recreación para la vista: modernas, elegantes y cuidadosamente diseñadas para fomentar la creatividad y la colaboración.

Durante la conversación, también abordamos los aspectos que podrían mejorarse, ya que consideramos que la comunicación abierta es esencial para el crecimiento y el desarrollo mutuo.

Además, tuvimos el placer de elogiar a DMI por su excepcional equipo de profesionales de talento. La dedicación, la experiencia y la pasión de su equipo fueron evidentes en cada proyecto en el que colaboramos, y aprovechamos esta oportunidad para celebrar sus valiosas contribuciones.

Subrayando la importancia de las visitas periódicas a los clientes y del seguimiento continuo, reconocimos colectivamente la repercusión de estos esfuerzos en el fomento de asociaciones duraderas. Estas visitas no sólo nos permiten comprender mejor la evolución de las necesidades de nuestros clientes, sino que también allanan el camino para el crecimiento y el éxito mutuos.

Al despedirnos del equipo de DMI, nos fuimos con un sentimiento reforzado de agradecimiento por el privilegio de trabajar con ellos. Su calidez genuina y su compromiso con la excelencia nos han dejado una impresión indeleble.

Yamila, Manager de Reclutamiento en Techunting. Junio, 2023.

The Manifest Hails Techunting as one of the Most Reviewed. AI Developers in Latin America.

The Manifest Hails Techunting as one of the Most Reviewed. AI Developers in Latin America.

The AI industry has been gaining a lot of traction in the market today and for good reasons! There have been a lot of companies and businesses that are utilizing AI to further improve their processes, services, and even products. There are a lot of things you can do with AI and our team at Techunting is here to guide you throughout the process.

Founded in 2015, our company has been providing incredible services to our clients! As a matter of fact, we’ve been recently named one of the most-reviewed AI developers in Argentina. We are ecstatic and proud to be featured on The Manifest’s platform. This award means a lot to us and we are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our team’s abilities and accomplishments on a global scale.

The Manifest, in case you don’t know, is a company listing platform that aims to gather and verify the hard data, expert insights, and actionable advice that you need to build your brand and grow your business – to provide the practical business wisdom that manifests in your success.

Lastly, we would like to say our thank you to our clients and partners for their amazing support! Thank you for turning this award into reality. You guys played a vital role in our success and for that, we are truly grateful for all of your support.

Thank you for your interest in Techunting. Drop us a line and we will come back to you to ask a few questions to get to know you and your requirements better.

Contact them to for any questions.

DevOps. The prevailing challenge.

DevOps. The prevailing challenge.

Today, large companies face increasingly complex challenges in a highly competitive business environment. To stay ahead, it is crucial to adopt innovative methodologies and approaches that drive efficiency and value delivery. In this sense, the implementation of DevOps practices has become a fundamental strategy to achieve greater collaboration, quality and agility in development teams. This article will look at the need to implement DevOps, highlighting its benefits, challenges, and how it affects bottom line.

I. What is DevOps and why is it relevant?

DevOps is a culture, philosophy, and set of practices that integrates software development (Dev) with IT operations (Ops), promoting collaboration and automation at all stages of an application’s lifecycle. For example, in large companies, where systems and applications are complex and constantly evolving, DevOps adoption becomes essential for the following reasons:

  1. Faster delivery speed: DevOps enables continuous software delivery, accelerating release times by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining development and deployment processes.
  2. Improved software quality: By fostering collaboration between development and operations teams, DevOps helps identify and fix problems early, which translates into higher software quality and reduced bugs in production.
  3. Greater agility and flexibility: DevOps provides the ability to respond quickly to market changes and demands, allowing large companies to more efficiently adapt to new opportunities and challenges.

II. Advantages of implementing DevOps practices

Implementing DevOps practices brings a number of significant benefits:

  1. Improved Collaboration and Communication: DevOps fosters collaboration among multidisciplinary teams, breaking down the barriers between development, operations, and other departments. This creates a more collaborative work environment that is conducive to innovation.
  2. Automation of processes: DevOps promotes the automation of manual and repetitive tasks, which reduces the risk of human errors and frees up time for higher value-added tasks. Automation also allows for faster and more frequent delivery of software.
  3. Increased stability and reliability: DevOps implementation involves continuous testing, continuous integration, and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices, ensuring greater stability and reliability in systems and applications.
  4. Cost reduction: DevOps helps optimize resources and reduce costs associated with software development and operation. The automation of processes and the early detection of problems minimize the expenses derived from errors and delays.

III. Challenges when implementing DevOps practices

Despite the benefits that DevOps offers, its implementation can face particular challenges:

  1. Resistance to change: The adoption of a new culture and work methodology can be met with resistance from existing teams and organizational structures. Properly managing change and providing adequate training and support to employees is critical.
  2. Complexity and scalability: Large companies often have highly complex and distributed systems and applications, which can make it difficult to implement and scale DevOps practices. Infrastructure and processes need to be carefully planned and adapted to ensure a successful transition.
  3. Integration of tools and technologies: The integration of heterogeneous tools and technologies can be a challenge when implementing DevOps. Careful evaluation and selection of tools that integrate effectively with existing systems are required.

IV. Impact on earnings and motivation

The successful implementation of DevOps can have a significant impact on profit. Some of the direct and indirect economic benefits include:

  1. Increased operational efficiency: DevOps reduces development times, disruptions, and costs associated with errors in production, resulting in greater operational efficiency and optimal use of resources.
  2. Increased Customer Satisfaction: Continuous delivery of high-quality software and rapid responsiveness to customer needs lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention, which translates into increased revenue.
  3. Competitive Advantage: Implementing DevOps enables large companies to innovate faster and bring new products and services to market in an agile manner, which can provide a significant competitive advantage.

The implementation of DevOps practices is a prevailing need.

United States, inflation and the restart of the path of growth

United States, inflation and the restart of the path of growth

In the global context, inflation and the way of growth revolve around the economic measures of the United States. In general, the global economy is expected to slow down this year and then improve next year.

Of course, forecasts indicate that growth will remain low due to the fight against inflation and the war in Ukraine. However, the outlook is less damaging than in October 2022, and there could be a positive turning point.

We all hope for improvements, but the economy has become very unpredictable. It is a statement that is difficult to interpret because, in an age of much information, this can sometimes play against it.

The challenge of the North American economy in the face of the world panorama

Given the inflation suffered by the United States, the Federal Reserve has taken measures to try to control it. Below is a set of actions that generates a high risk of recession and instability in the global economy:

  • Economic growth. If the policies are effective, they can boost the path of development, which in turn can have a positive effect on job creation and investment.
  • Inflation. If the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, it may lower inflation, but it may also slow economic growth. On the other hand, if monetary policy is too loose, it can increase inflation.
  • Exchange rate. The dollar’s value may rise if the US economy is strong, hurting exports. If the dollar weakens, exports may increase, increasing inflation.
  • International Trade. Protectionist policies can damage trade relations with other countries and reduce international trade. On the other hand, free trade policies can stimulate international trade and economic integration.
  • Economic inequality. If policies are favorable to big corporations, it can increase economic inequality, while policies that benefit the lower and middle class can reduce it.

Given this, the current dilemma of the Federal Reserve is between price stability and employment. A dilemma usually focuses on internal terms but could have significant and unpredictable spillover effects on the world.

Economic measures of the United States so far in 2023

In general, the anti-inflation measures in the United States have been predictable. However, interest rates are expected to fall, a reduction in GDP and a slight increase in unemployment.

With the tightening of monetary policy and the end of the COVID-19 programs, the economy is expected to slow down. Thus, the Federal Reserve seeks to reduce underlying personal consumption spending inflation to 2 percent by the end of 2023.

Goldman Sachs believes that the United States can still get a “soft landing” with inflation slowing to between 5 and 3 percent. In addition, they forecast an increase of half a percentage point in unemployment, a quite encouraging variation given the current situation.


Techunting Climbs Game-Changer Ranks on Clutch

Techunting Climbs Game-Changer Ranks on Clutch

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized many industries across the globe. From self-driving cars to chatbots, the technology has many different uses. Here at Techunting, we’ve found a way to maximize the technology in order to help companies find the best talents for their projects and needs. Since 2015, we’ve offered world-class staff augmentation, outsourcing, and recruiting services. 

Our forward-thinking approach is what helped us establish ourselves on independent B2B resources like Clutch, a B2B review and rating website from Washington DC. For further context, the platform is designed to showcase the top service providers across the IT, marketing, design, and business services spaces.

According to Clutch, Techunting is among the game-changing AI development companies. Our innovative AI solutions and the support of our clients helped us earn this esteemed rank. In recent months, we’ve steadily climbed the rankings because of the reviews we’ve received, helping us highlight the quality of our work and dedication.

“I had never seen that kind of commitment. With other companies I worked for in the past, they delivered the resource and forgot and didn’t take care of the project, being the “client’s problem” to achieve the goals, not theirs. That didn´t happen with Techunting LLC. Definitely, I´m going to work again with this company.” — Portfolio Manager, IT Services Consulting Company

“Their speed and really being down to earth was impressive. They don’t overdo it. They listen to what you need and deliver on time and on budget.” — Marketing & Social Media Manager, Education Platform

“They were very personable and easy to do business with. They were able to identify and recruit per our guideline.” — Principal Recruiter, H.T. PROF Executive Search

In honor of this rank, we’d like to express our sincerest gratitude to all of our incredible clients. Thank you so much to everyone who believes in Techunting! We appreciate the support and trust you have in us through the highs and lows.

Connect with the top talents around the world with Techunting! Connect with us and let us know more about what projects you have in mind. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Impact of AI on US and European Companies

Impact of AI on US and European Companies

Impact of AI on US and European Companies

The impact of AI on the American and European business environment has been significant in most spaces. In recent years, the improvements this technology has facilitated are remarkably verifiable in management indicators.

Ultimately, companies must continually transform with technology and approach it with clear policies and regulations. But, of course, the maximum use of the potential of AI should not neglect the incidences it may have on the systems.

Data management and business analysis as a focus of the impact of AI

Today, the areas of the most significant impact of AI in the business arena in the United States and Europe are well identified.

Improves operational efficiency. The automation of processes and tasks has improved efficiency and reduced human errors.
Optimizes decision-making. The greater analytical capacity of data and patterns has allowed the generation of more informed and precise guidelines.
Improve customer experience. Personalized customer service is one of the aspects with the most significant improvement thanks to intelligent interactive tools.
New business models. Business opportunities and revenue models are best addressed through pattern identification and trend prediction.
Evolution of the labor market. AI has been generating new employment opportunities in areas related to the development and operation of its technology.

AI has increased companies’ productivity through analytical and management improvement.

What do analysts say about the trend of AI in the enterprise system?

Since its application, analysts have closely followed the effectiveness of AI in the global business system.

● According to Accenture, AI could increase labor productivity by 40% by 2035.
● Deloitte found that using AI in the manufacturing industry could increase labor productivity by 10-20%.
● Forrester says that using AI in financial services could reduce operating costs by 22%.
● PwC claims that using AI in the retail industry could increase labor productivity by 30%.
● McKinsey & Company found that using AI in the healthcare industry could increase operational efficiency by 60%.

As well as these several studies support the fact that AI has improved business efficiency and productivity in various industries.

Tech companies at the forefront of AI adoption

Regarding the impact of AI in the business sector, the companies in the technology sector have benefited the most. The favorable results between this technology and the nature of these businesses influence this trend. Some of the benefits obtained are the following:

● Accessibility to financial and human resources.
● Favorable regulatory environment.
● Emphasis on innovation.
● Competitive maintenance in a global market.

With the continued development and advancement of AI, it is recommended that companies adapt to this technology. We can help and advise you in this adaptive process, contact us, and don’t put it off any longer.