Techunting Climbs Game-Changer Ranks on Clutch

Techunting Climbs Game-Changer Ranks on Clutch

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized many industries across the globe. From self-driving cars to chatbots, the technology has many different uses. Here at Techunting, we’ve found a way to maximize the technology in order to help companies find the best talents for their projects and needs. Since 2015, we’ve offered world-class staff augmentation, outsourcing, and recruiting services. 

Our forward-thinking approach is what helped us establish ourselves on independent B2B resources like Clutch, a B2B review and rating website from Washington DC. For further context, the platform is designed to showcase the top service providers across the IT, marketing, design, and business services spaces.

According to Clutch, Techunting is among the game-changing AI development companies. Our innovative AI solutions and the support of our clients helped us earn this esteemed rank. In recent months, we’ve steadily climbed the rankings because of the reviews we’ve received, helping us highlight the quality of our work and dedication.

“I had never seen that kind of commitment. With other companies I worked for in the past, they delivered the resource and forgot and didn’t take care of the project, being the “client’s problem” to achieve the goals, not theirs. That didn´t happen with Techunting LLC. Definitely, I´m going to work again with this company.” — Portfolio Manager, IT Services Consulting Company

“Their speed and really being down to earth was impressive. They don’t overdo it. They listen to what you need and deliver on time and on budget.” — Marketing & Social Media Manager, Education Platform

“They were very personable and easy to do business with. They were able to identify and recruit per our guideline.” — Principal Recruiter, H.T. PROF Executive Search

In honor of this rank, we’d like to express our sincerest gratitude to all of our incredible clients. Thank you so much to everyone who believes in Techunting! We appreciate the support and trust you have in us through the highs and lows.

Connect with the top talents around the world with Techunting! Connect with us and let us know more about what projects you have in mind. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Impact of AI on US and European Companies

Impact of AI on US and European Companies

Impact of AI on US and European Companies

The impact of AI on the American and European business environment has been significant in most spaces. In recent years, the improvements this technology has facilitated are remarkably verifiable in management indicators.

Ultimately, companies must continually transform with technology and approach it with clear policies and regulations. But, of course, the maximum use of the potential of AI should not neglect the incidences it may have on the systems.

Data management and business analysis as a focus of the impact of AI

Today, the areas of the most significant impact of AI in the business arena in the United States and Europe are well identified.

Improves operational efficiency. The automation of processes and tasks has improved efficiency and reduced human errors.
Optimizes decision-making. The greater analytical capacity of data and patterns has allowed the generation of more informed and precise guidelines.
Improve customer experience. Personalized customer service is one of the aspects with the most significant improvement thanks to intelligent interactive tools.
New business models. Business opportunities and revenue models are best addressed through pattern identification and trend prediction.
Evolution of the labor market. AI has been generating new employment opportunities in areas related to the development and operation of its technology.

AI has increased companies’ productivity through analytical and management improvement.

What do analysts say about the trend of AI in the enterprise system?

Since its application, analysts have closely followed the effectiveness of AI in the global business system.

● According to Accenture, AI could increase labor productivity by 40% by 2035.
● Deloitte found that using AI in the manufacturing industry could increase labor productivity by 10-20%.
● Forrester says that using AI in financial services could reduce operating costs by 22%.
● PwC claims that using AI in the retail industry could increase labor productivity by 30%.
● McKinsey & Company found that using AI in the healthcare industry could increase operational efficiency by 60%.

As well as these several studies support the fact that AI has improved business efficiency and productivity in various industries.

Tech companies at the forefront of AI adoption

Regarding the impact of AI in the business sector, the companies in the technology sector have benefited the most. The favorable results between this technology and the nature of these businesses influence this trend. Some of the benefits obtained are the following:

● Accessibility to financial and human resources.
● Favorable regulatory environment.
● Emphasis on innovation.
● Competitive maintenance in a global market.

With the continued development and advancement of AI, it is recommended that companies adapt to this technology. We can help and advise you in this adaptive process, contact us, and don’t put it off any longer.

How remote staff augmentation can improve diversity and inclusion in your company?

How remote staff augmentation can improve diversity and inclusion in your company?

Remote Staff Augmentation is a recruitment method applied to various categories of companies, such as IT. And among its main benefits, it allows you to improve the diversity and inclusion of your workforce.

Remote Staff Augmentation and Corporate Diversity

Thanks to remote Staff Augmentation, you can temporarily outsource a diversity of specialists with multiple skills. This is useful if you have openings that do not require permanent employees. In addition, because the hiring process is remote, professionals may have different cultures, talents, goals, etc.

Influence of remote Staff Augmentation on business inclusion

Outsourcing staff remotely also encourages planning for sound business practices. For example, it is common for companies to make an organizational effort so that contracted specialists are socially accepted. This way, the corporate environment will be more optimal, and the work teams will become more productive.

Optimization of the scalability of corporate projects

Outsourcing professionals remotely has multiple benefits, such as increasing the scalability of projects. As this occurs, professionals work more productively, saving time and being socially accepted. And added to this benefit, companies can meet their objectives faster.

Increased quality of organizational leadership

When remote staff augmentation is implemented, the quality of organizational leadership is also raised. This is due to the experience and talents of the outsourced professionals. In this way, leaders can analyze the capabilities of the members of a work team. Likewise, they can identify strengths to enhance them, committing to inclusion and diversity.

Apply Staff Augmentation and improve diversity and inclusion

We have extensive experience in the IT sector and offer you excellent solutions to maximize corporate performance. In this way, you can improve diversity and labor inclusion to comply with the organizational values of your company. This is the ideal way to increase security and trust among the members of a work team.

We provide solutions so that remote subcontracting is simple and adjusts to your company’s needs. Contact us, and we will gladly express our recommendations and support you in applying the Staff Augmentation.


AI chatbots and service centers

AI chatbots and service centers

AI chatbots are an excellent ally for the service centers of any corporation, such as IT. Their benefits, capabilities, and ability to address customer concerns make them attractive.

Saving time and resources with AI chatbots

Since the emergence of artificial intelligence, many corporations have optimized their production processes; service centers are no exception. This technology avoids the need to hire many external partners to, among other things, generate reports. Likewise, AI chatbots can characterize a customer base to provide personalized support.

Visualization of objectives in real-time

The AI applied in service centers through chatbots can also indicate reinforcement actions. This means the IT work team can complement the technical reports and even view objectives in real-time. This way, customers will receive more sophisticated responses tailored to their needs, positioning your business among the competition.

Speed in times of high demand

AI chatbots provide speed anytime, for example, when customer demand is high. Although companies hire human resources to cope with the extra efforts, artificial intelligence can interact digitally without taking long to provide solutions. First, the databases must be structured and cleaned to extract accurate and correct information.

Query volume reduction

Using AI chatbots allows users to get answers to simple or complex queries. Thanks to this, the service center team can focus on more complex aspects, such as remote support or technical assistance for software license management. Likewise, this timesaving can be used to verify customer data, etc.

Optimal business decisions

At Techunting, we offer you professional and modular services so that you can optimize the planning, implementation, and operation of your networks. Thus, you will have high availability and can constantly scale to meet your customers’ requirements. In addition, we help you determine the right solution and the practices you should add to maintain or improve engagement.

Optimizing your service centers is a necessary process that allows you to save time and resources in the future. For this reason, we have a base of professionals capable of responding to your concerns. You must contact us, and we will gladly attend to your request.

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The Importance of Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace for the LGBTQI+ Community

The Importance of Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace for the LGBTQI+ Community

As a trans woman, I know firsthand the challenges that members of the LGBTQI+ community face in the workplace. For many years, discrimination, harassment, and even violence were commonplace for us. Fortunately, things have begun to change, and more and more companies are recognizing the importance of inclusion and diversity.

Inclusion and diversity are not just buzzwords. They are essential for creating a safe and welcoming environment for all employees. When people feel comfortable being themselves at work, they are more productive, engaged, and innovative. In addition, diverse teams bring different perspectives and experiences, which can lead to better problem-solving and decision-making.

For the IT sector, inclusion and diversity are particularly important. Technology is changing rapidly, and the industry is constantly evolving. To stay competitive, companies need to attract and retain top talent. However, if they don’t create an inclusive and diverse environment, they risk missing out on the best and brightest minds.

Moreover, the LGBTQI+ community has a lot to offer the IT sector. We are known for our creativity, adaptability, and resilience. We are problem solvers, innovators, and trailblazers. By including us in the workplace, companies can tap into these valuable skills and qualities.

In conclusion, inclusion and diversity are crucial for creating a successful and thriving workplace, especially in the IT sector. Companies that prioritize inclusion and diversity not only benefit their employees but also improve their bottom line. So let’s continue to work together to create a world where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.


Diana Days (TH Sales Manager US California)