8 Tips to Run More Effective Daily Standup Meetings

8 Tips to Run More Effective Daily Standup Meetings

Daily standup meetings are a keystone of the scrum methodology. They can help team members address roadblocks and resolve them, strengthen the team’s shared goals, save time, promote transparency, and ensure that everyone is accountable. Overall, it’s a great resource to improve the team flow, measure and speed up processes, and promote trust.

1. Keep it short

One of the defining characteristics of daily standup meetings is that they should be short, preferably under 15 minutes. If the meeting has too many members, most likely, people are straying away from the main topic, or you are discussing things that are not relevant to a daily scrum meeting.

If you have daily scrums with more than 15 members, they have 1 minute each to speak, which might be cutting it a bit short. As a team, you may want to reconsider whether having so many people is fruitful or if maybe it would be better to have smaller, more specific meetings between members. If that’s not the case, just make sure to make transitions quick and the updates to the point.

2. Limit the topics of discussions

As we mentioned before, briefness and relevancy are essential to effective and productive daily standings. When members go off topic and discuss subjects that are not relevant to all members and can easily be addressed separately, people not involved in the task can lose focus and interest in what’s being discussed.

Keep it simple. Don’t discuss what you did yesterday and what you will be doing, but rather what you accomplished and what will be accomplished regarding the product or service you are working on.

3. Update the backlog

It’s hard not to get caught up in the number of hours you have left of the sprint to take on other tasks, so instead, focus on the task at hand and any issues you may be experiencing. Make it more qualitative and assess your progress. Don’t let the hours become the focus of the meeting or the role of the Scrum Master.

4. In the beginning, it’s all about trial and error

If you are just starting with daily standup meetings, you will need to make adjustments along the way. In theory, everything looks great, but when you begin conducting them, you may need to adjust the style of the meeting. If people are getting off-topic, you may want to focus on specific tasks on the board instead of letting each individual discuss their tasks freely.

5. Don’t try to fix what already works

Building and maintaining a routine can help increase efficiency. For this reason, you always need to start at the same time, regardless of whether everyone is there already, and use the format that best suits the team.

However, consistency may not be the best answer if you are experiencing issues: people get bored, skip the meeting, and don’t make it on time. If the daily standup is not going the way you expect, you might need to change it up. Try changing the order, analyze backlog items instead of going person by person, and switch the scrum master until everyone is more comfortable –there isn’t one proven way that works for every team.

6. Make sure the information is relevant to everyone

To encourage attendance and engagement and keep your daily scrum short, ensure the information is relevant to everyone participating. If the way a roadblock was resolved is useful for the whole team, ask the person to briefly address the issue in the next meeting.

The topics discussed need to be pertinent and help others with their tasks, otherwise it might be best to hold a separate meeting and discuss the specifics.

7. Follow up without focusing on solving specific issues

Having everyone meet at a specific time can be tempting, and you might want to start a brainstorming session to find creative ways to solve particular issues, but daily standup meetings have a clear purpose, and that’s not it.

Yes, it’s good to follow up on issues presented the day before, but you don’t want to spend an hour or two discussing potential solutions. If the person is struggling to find an answer, set up a separate meeting to go over the roadblocks and brainstorm.

8. Consider specialized tools

Worksheets can sometimes present even more roadblocks than solutions, and the daily standup process can be more intricate. Several other tools can help, and you can even automate the entire process.

Using project management software like Jira or Trello can simplify tracking tasks per collaborator and quickly start new sprints, making your daily standup meetings more efficient.

Stand-Bot is an automation tool that gathers the status of each teammate’s tasks and blockers through Slack and shares it with everyone. This way, you can get a quick update without ever meeting. You get all the benefits without having to affect the day-to-day of others.

Sup can be easily integrated with Slack and ask surveys to your collaborators to learn more about them and how useful they find daily standup meetings. You can ask questions and save them as templates to create follow-ups, generate sprint check-ins throughout the day, and set up reminders for standups to make sure everyone attends.

Other useful tools to make your daily scrums more efficient are Agile Retrospectives and Scrum Poker (Jira & Confluence), Freshdesk, and Freshservice (Trello).

Useful questions

According to Scrum, standup questions should focus on tasks completed since the last meeting, tasks that will be tackled during the day of the meeting, and any roadblocks or issues that may affect progress.

However, other scrum questions can help you learn more about your collaborators, such as:

  • How confident are you that you will get “it” done? – This question essentially rephrases the one mentioned before about issues. Still, it can give a clearer picture of the ability of that specific person to solve the problem ahead without any help and adjust the timeline if necessary.
  • What tasks are remaining from yesterday? – Although this is not a traditional question, it can help follow up with older tasks and ensure everything is flowing correctly. It’s also a great way of getting insight into how other collaborators are performing.
  • What is the workload? – This question can give insight into the team mood and task progress.
  • How is your mood today? – Although this question is not for every meeting, it can help gauge the team’s morale and implement additional motivators.

Although some scrum questions are considered basics, ask yourself whether there may be more accurate ones you should be asking or questions that may be specific to your industry. For example, if you have writers and content editors, you might want to ask about the number of articles left or the number of words written or reviewed yesterday.

The agile methodology offers a wide array of benefits for teams, especially in software development, and one that nearshore has adopted and applied successfully for a while now. If you are interested in joining our team, visit our career section.

Outsourcing: 9 Myths Exposed

Outsourcing: 9 Myths Exposed

Currently, outsourcing is an essential component in most companies. Many advantages offered by outsourcing services have made it a very powerful tool for any organization.

Thanks to outsourcing, companies can access specialized labor and avoid costs related to professionalization. On the other hand, the flexibility offered by outsourcing makes new and better skills available to companies.

Nevertheless, there are still many myths about outsourcing servicesthat on many occasions prevail over its benefits. Next, we will talk about 9outsourcingmyths and discover what is true in each of them.

9 very common outsourcing myths

When we bring up outsourcing, there are usually a series of misconceptions and misconceptions about this valuable resource. Some of the most common myths are the following:

Myth #1. Outsourcing causes a loss of control in my company. In contrast, outsourcing services allow you to optimize processes, contracting external services only when necessary.

Myth #2. External companies do not have the same level of commitment that my organization has. Believe it or not, an external company undertakes high levels of commitment to meet the expectations of its client.

Myth #3. Outsourcing services are too expensive. Generally, hiring an external service is much less expensive than professionalizing the staff and executing the activities within the company.

Myth #4. Outsourcing is only focused on saving money. Beyond cost reduction, outsourcing also reduces the strategic burden of the company. In this way, the company can spend more time on other activities, streamlining and optimizing its processes.

Myth #5. Outsourcing services is only for large companies. This statement is completely false; Today outsourcing has become a widely used strategy in SMEs, which considerably increases their competitiveness.

Myth #6. Outsourced services have poor quality. Although it depends on who is hired, in general, the companies hired have high-quality standards. This is closely related to the level of commitment that the contractor assumes to meet the needs of their clients.

Myth #7. Outsourcing can compromise company security. For any self-respecting outsourcing company, the trust and credibility it inspires are essential. For this reason, they strive to earn the trust of their employers, building a strong brand among the competition.

Myth #8. Service providers do not have skilled labor. On the contrary, these companies have the necessary human talent to carry out the activities assigned to them.

Myth #9. It is faster to do the work in-house than to hire an outsider. Service providers are familiar with very specific areas of work. This makes them able to get the job done in less time than an in-house team might need.

Forget the myths and take advantage of outsourcing

Without a doubt, outsourcing offers organizations a series of very valuable strategic advantages. At Techunting, we provide you with all the necessary resources to get the most out of this business strategy. If you are interested in receiving more information, you can contact us through our website, Techunting.

The War Between Russia and Ukraine is Affecting Staff Augmentation

The War Between Russia and Ukraine is Affecting Staff Augmentation

The Staff Augmentation business and the location of resources have been affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Mainly because the war between these countries has created an uncertain business environment.

Staff augmentation business and concern among clients

The humanitarian crisis derived from the military invasion in Ukraine has had a great impact on the Staff Augmentation business. At a time when Ukraine exports about 6.8 billion dollars in services of this type, according to the IT Ukraine Association. Even this nation, along with other neighbors, usually employs more than 750,000 business professionals under this technological concept.

Staff augmentation and location of resources amid a crisis

Within the conflict region and surrounding areas, impacts include business closures in strategic areas. The hostilities in these cities affect more than 100,000 employees of this type of service. We must bear in mind that there are three large centers of operations (Lviv, Kharkiv, and Kyiv), which have been affected. Not to mention the growing professional brain drain and economic isolation in Russia and Ukraine. All these teams are being moved or re-created in Latin America now, and this is a great opportunity for many companies. Especially here at at Techunting.

IT services in surrounding regions

Staff Augmentation business and resource placement may not be fully affected in nearby regions. For this reason, some companies have moved their companies to position themselves in Romania, Hungary, or Poland. This facilitates the exchange of services, although the operations are limited if the clients belong to the zones in conflict. For example, activities are still taking place in some western areas of Ukraine

Optimal corporate decisions

From the non-conflict regions, we take care of guaranteeing the safety of our employees and corporate partners. We make the best decisions to minimize the impact that may affect our services. We consider ourselves experts in providing solutions and, therefore, we assess geopolitical risk. Thanks to this, we can consider the optimal hiring measures, and even relax the agreements if necessary.

Staff Augmentation and resource allocation are important activities to optimize project development. We have a base of qualified professionals capable of increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness. Are you looking for a team of experts that easily adapts to the culture of your organization? Contact us and we will offer you the support you need.

In conclusion

After many months of research, clients interviews, visiting many IT events and HR world sessions, we have found new ideas related to staff augmentation policies and practices. We believe that a new IT era is coming and our companies and teams should be prepared for that. We provide training and global sessions with our teams located in Latam, Europe, US and Canada to discuss this change and how our company will work with you to provide best services in class. Assuring each client receives the best service, and hopefully the War won’t impacts their businesses.

Impact of Increase in Personnel in the Technological Crisis of 2022

Impact of Increase in Personnel in the Technological Crisis of 2022

Staff Augmentation has had a great impact due to the flexibility of the business. Now, with the technological crisis of 2022 and the uncertainty of the market, this outsourcing strategy can generate stability.

Staff augmentation as a successful IT strategy

Faced with uncertainties, businesses must find a way to cope with the situation. For example, you can maintain critical technology and appropriate strategies, such as StaffAugmentation, to achieve corporate goals. All this in the face of potential budget cuts and the problems arising from an economic recession.

Crisis in the technological giants

The war between Russia and Ukraine and the uncertainty caused by Covid-19 have generated negative consequences around the world. Although many would have seen 2022 as the year of economic recovery, this was not the case in all cases.

As an example, you can look at the crisis in the technology giants, and even the problem with semiconductors.

Critical months in the technology sector

Due to the technological crisis, some popular companies, such as Netflix, PayPal, Spotify, Microsoft, and Apple, have suffered losses. Some studies detail that they add up to billions of dollars of market capitalization. And these companies are not the only ones, but they are among the 10 largest in this sector.

Facing the technological crisis

One of the most effective ways to deal with economic crises in a company is through outsourcing techniques. In this regard, the StaffAugmentationallows having experts without spending on complete hiring. The main premise is that you can take advantage of this benefit to overcome current conditions.

Trust the best strategies

StaffAugmentation has been successful because it facilitates the incorporation of expert professionals in certain fields. With its help, companies can ensure the proper functioning of technological infrastructures.

This represents great advantages to saving, keeping systems operational, and meeting goals, such as a certain number of sales.

Notable impact in a recession

Properly taking advantage of outsourcing would imply having only the personnel necessary to work full time. In addition, you would have the option of supplementing with experts that do not require full hiring.

In this way, the company’s staff obtains the necessary collaboration, and when the work is finished, the expense disappears.

Investment in IT projects

In the face of crises, companies cannot stop their growth. On the contrary, they must add strategies to see the future. Bringing in experts to set up new software, for example, can be expensive.

However, this does not mean that it is an inefficient process. In fact, during crises, you should take a closer look at the line of operations of each department.

Plan the budget for Staff Augmentation

Thanks to our experience in the IT sector, we can offer you alternatives to safeguard your company’s operations. We will gladly help you minimize the impact of crises in these times.

We consider ourselves professionals in providing solutions to increase the efficiency of your company. Contact us and receive our recommendations, as well as the support you require.

Staff Augmentation for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Staff Augmentation for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Staff augmentation can help to achieve the objectives of a digital approach in different industrial fields. For this reason, today more than ever, corporations do not wait to achieve their objectives and promote investments in technology.

Staff augmentation and digital transformation goals

Staff augmentation allows industrial manufacturing companies to focus on technology. It is an excellent opportunity for employees to put themselves in context and learn more about the digital environment. For example, they can access from anywhere and do work remotely, which provides greater flexibility.

Drive towards a digital approach

With the outsourcing strategy help, industrial manufacturing companies can hire staff temporarily. These can act as strategic partners and their contracting methodology avoids the high costs of the conventional model.

Even, most of the time it is not necessary to allocate a physical space, such as that of a private office. It is how digital transformation supports.

Relief of insufficiencies in the corporate infrastructure

You must hire an expert IT staff to work remotely for potential gaps in corporate infrastructure. It is due to the new needs around access to data online or in local business networks. As well as the requirement of continuous backup and recovery of information, and storage, among others.

Thanks to this, many CIOs prioritize the application of Staff augmentation.

Success in digital transformation initiatives

Hiring qualified IT staff is not easy, as there is a lot of competition in this process today. Mainly, because it needs to meet corporate objectives.

However, through remote contracting, in addition to strengthening the digital approach, existing temporary needs can be covered. All without waiting for the long organizational processes of the internal HR department.

Creating a complementary workforce

Staff augmentation allows you to complement a work team without the need to carry out full-time hiring processes. It is the best way to strengthen an industrial manufacturing digital transformation strategy.

It provides a fast-acting workforce to fill specific and highly specialized skills. In addition, it gives enough time to dimension a permanent team if necessary.

Access to solutions that are pillars of innovation

Hiring expert staff temporarily offers access to the most modern digital transformation environments. For example, the ability to process and analyze large volumes of data in real time. As well as using software to make business processes more efficient.

Even take advantage of business intelligence tools aimed at industrial manufacturing companies. It is even possible to effectively access cloud computing.

Quick start of digital transformation processes

When you have the support of qualified professionals, you can boost the development of almost any digital project. In this way, time savings and the ability to incorporate this new solution to obtain economic profitability are increased.

Innovate in your company with staff augmentation

We have extensive experience in the IT sector, and we can offer you the best solutions to protect your business operations. We consider ourselves experts in what we do, and we can improve your corporate efficiency. Contact us and receive our recommendations and the collaboration you need.

Globalization of Top Talent in America

Globalization of Top Talent in America

The globalization of top talent in America is part of the attempts to harmonize modernization. This applies to many areas and its application seeks a productive transformation with social equity and even environmental sustainability.

How has the globalization of top talent in America been?

The globalization of top talent in America offers possibilities for development in the countries involved. Above all, from the point of view of being useful for the regions. For example, to provide knowledge and experience in different industries and corporate fields. What has allowed companies to improve their performance, return on investment and optimization of production processes

Challenges of globalization in America

With the advent of the globalization of the workforce, new sets of talent management challenges have been created. For example, human resources departments must have the best tools to attract candidates. Therefore, corporations must be able to provide a competitive environment.

Retention of talent

Due to cultural and knowledge diversity as part of globalization, corporations must keep their workforce happy. This means that they must provide services that are adapted to work teams with cultural diversity. Therefore, they have to work on equity and inclusion, as well as on the experience of workers. This can promote overall satisfaction.

Workforce experience

With the theme of the globalization of top talent, companies now recognize that employees want to feel valued. It does not matter if it is a remote or face-to-face job; the really important thing is to maintain a positive experience in the workplace. For this reason, they should focus their efforts on recruiting technological talent through techniques such as Staff Augmentation.

Impact of globalization on contractors

Accepting new talent in a company does not mean discouraging the existing group of workers. On the contrary, to manage the entire workforce, corporate wellness programs must be created. In addition, efforts must also be focused on continuing education opportunities for all. In this way, the entire work team can concentrate effectively.

Great growth opportunities

The need to have talent that can modernize and innovate within the industry requires proper management. In principle, it may involve an investment of large sums of money. However, this can be rewarded with a positive impact on society and on the internal production processes themselves; in addition to achieving improvements in branding and engagement with the target market niche.

Living in a globalized world

Companies today are facing the new challenges of multi-generational teams. For this, it is necessary to have the best support. We are experts in the management and administration of talent in different sectors. We can help you generate solutions that have a positive impact on your company. Contact us, receive our recommendations and the support you need.