Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Techunting’s DEI Commitment Statement:

As part of our continuous efforts to provide edgy, innovative and customized solutions for our strategic partners by providing what they need both technologically and humanly, we at Techunting are implementing actions and policies oriented to enhance our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion approach at all levels. We strongly believe in creating a safe and comfortable working environment as well as encouraging our current and future employees to proudly be themselves, celebrating their diversity in gender identity, gender expressions, sexual orientation, racial and ethnical belongings and cultural ways, religious beliefs, morphological and neurological uniqueness. We seek to do so not only by actively erradicating violence in all its forms within the company, but also by improving our processes of recruitment, employee retention and engagement with the IT community in general while keeping a constant openness to changes and improvement.

General Objectives of DEI Program at Techunting:

  • To implement periodical internal research and studies about Techunting’s DEI commitment, discovering strong points and needs for improvement.
  • To materialize the information gathered by employees’ feedback, external stakeholders and specific actions taken to obtain it  into designed programs and policies.
  • To keep transparency about Techunting’s commitment, goals and actions regarding DEI, both internally and externally.


Specific Objectives of DEI Program at Techunting:

  • To develop a General DEI program divided by well-defined stages with specific goals to achieve in each.
  • To learn from and about other companies policies and programs in their respective DEI Areas and generate collaborative actions that benefit both parties.
  • To participate in relevant DEI conferences, conventions and seminars to obtain updated information, discover alternative methods and policies and generate ideas to implement at Techunting.
  • To provide Techunting employees, external stakeholders and strategic partners with clear information about DEI Area, programs and actions, and the means to access to it, provide feedback and issue complaints.


Make a report:

If you want to make a complaint or report about a situation that goes against the DEI Policy, you can do so at deireports@techunting.net  or anonymously in this link https://forms.gle/bEXZm7N4yCdCRnTe8